We take accessibility issues very seriously, so if you ever have trouble accessing the content of this website, please email our accessibility advocate, Scott McCracken, and he will try to correct any issue as soon as possible.

Accessibility Features

Here are the considerations we've made in regards to an equally accessible experience for all of the site's users.

  • Each page has a "skip to content" link at the top of the page to skip over the header and main navigation.
  • We use semantic elements and appropriate landmarks to help move around the page more quickly. This includes header, navigation, main, and footer.
  • Level 1 headings mark the main content of the page, and subsequent headings follow a logical and sequential order.
  • Some pages may contain more than one navigation element and each will be given its own label.
  • Images are described with text equivalents
  • The layout is flexible enough to support browser zooming up to 300%.
  • The site uses colors that provide a contrast ratio of at least 3:1 for headings and 4.5:1 for body text.
  • To ensure the site is usable by keyboards we've added focus styles to images, links, and other focusable elements.
  • This website has been tested in modern browsers with occasional checks for older browsers and devices. Any CSS layout that requires modern browsers has a fallback style that ensures the content is still readable.
  • This site is tested with VoiceOver and has been run through accessibility audit tools such as WAVE.

Known Issues

  • Many of our posts were transferred over from older versions of this site and may contain images that were not adequately described by alternative text. We are slowly working to correct this. Please email us if you find one.
  • One area of our website with consistent accessibility failures is our 3rd-party advertisements. The information on this website is offered for free and advertisements help make that a reality. However, many of the ads are pulled in via iframe's and, as such, the markup is out-of-our-control. We will continue to monitor the situation and work with our advertising partners to improve this problem.