A Sephia Brakes Lawsuit Is Still Going After 17 Years

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The last Kia Sephia rolled off a dealer’s lot sometime around the turn of the century, but it’s back in the news for a brake lawsuit that just won’t stop. 17 years ago 1997-2000 Sephia owners sued the automaker for brakes that wore out way too fast. A jury awarded them $6 million dollars ($750/piece), but the judge overruled the decision, decertified the class-action, and asked a “special master” to determine how many of those class members had legitimate damage claims.

That “special” investigation lasted until 2015 where it was determined the settlement should be reduced to $46,000 for just 150 eligible owners ($300/owner).

The 'special master' at work

At the same time, the lawyer’s reward was reduced and, well, they didn’t like that. The decision was appealed to the judges of the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey.

And in a twist, that panel of judges ruled to reinstate the original $6 million award to the plaintiffs due to recent case law unavailable to the trial judge.

But guess what? Kia has appealed the appeal which means the case rolls on long after most of these cars were sent to the great scrapyard in the sky.

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