Kia May Need to Replace Nu Engines with Faulty Oil Rings

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Kia is recalling 167,000 Soul and Seltos vehicles in North America that may need a new (Nu) engine because of improperly heat-treated piston oil rings. The rings are harder than normal and can chip or scuff the cylinder bore. This could cause a range of problems from excessive oil consumption to a siezed connecting rod bearing and a total loss of power.

And while it's only happened in "limited cases", there's a whole busted connecting rod blasting a hole through the engine block, allowing oil to leak into the exhaust system where it'll catch on fire and burn the car to the ground situation to worry about.

More About the Nu Oil Ring Recall

  • The affected vehicles include the 2020-2021 Soul and 2021 Seltos with a 2-liter Nu MPI four-cylinder engine.
  • Considering the recall (#SC209) isn't expected to start until June 11th, 2021, there's a pretty good chance the number of fires will grow.
  • Make sure you're not one of them by paying attention to any unusual engine noises or illuminated oil warning lights.
  • All of the affected engines will need to be torn apart and inspected for damage, and the engine will be replaced if neccessary.
  • Vehicles may also receive some piston ring noise sensing system software to allow for earlier detection.
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